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Suicide Prevention Saves Lives

Someone dies from suicide every 40 seconds. By the time you’ve read through this article, three people will have given into the thoughts that said their circumstances were too much to bear and there was only one way out.  Be …

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E-Mental Health Continues to be a Promising New Field

While “e-mental health” is a relatively new field, it shows great promise. Fuelled by the recent pandemic, more and more digital tools and resources are becoming available. As reported in a recent AMA survey of 1,300 physicians, physician use of technology has …

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The Mental Health Consequences of Physical Distancing

COVID-19 has led to unprecedented times, which is why researchers continue to collect data in order to understand the true consequences. Social distancing is of particular interest in regard to mental well-being, as quarantine and isolation measures have had a …

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Increased Virtual Mental Health Support is Needed In Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The current COVID-19 pandemic is not a national issue, it’s a global crisis. In order to support one another, it’s important to stay-up-to-date with the latest research and implement key changes as needed. This is particularly important in terms of …

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The Link Between Diminishing Mental Health and Healthcare Workers

Health experts around the globe continue to express their concerns regarding COVID-19 and increased rates of mental health complications. However, there’s one group in particular that many are worried about – healthcare workers. As stated by the World Health Organization, …

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6 Ways to Better Manage Stress During COVID-19

If someone asked you how you’re feeling right now, what would you say? Stressed? Overwhelmed? Fearful? You’re certainly not alone. Anxiety levels are increasing across the United States and the globe, as millions face uncertainty in regard to their health …

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What You Need to Know About Online Therapy During COVID-19

Online therapy is emerging as an alternative for people sheltering in place during the COVID-19 outbreak. Because orders to self-isolate forbid gathering in groups, people are using tools such as video conferencing, text messaging, online chat, and the phone to …

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Uplifting Podcasts to Enjoy During Coronavirus Isolation

Uplifting Podcasts to Enjoy During Coronavirus Isolation A few people might think that self-quarantining sounds like a good time to take a break. Most, though, will quickly discover that spending too much time alone (or stuck with the same people) …

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1 in 3 Women, 1 in 6 Men: Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month

This April marks the 19th anniversary of Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month (SAAPM), and there’s no better time to reflect on the definition of sexual assault, learn the statistics, and make it all a thing of the past.  First, …

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Your Brain on Fat

There are few words more controversial in America than “Fat.” We are told it’s bad to be fat, that we should avoid eating fat (unless we’re watching a commercial, in which case we are encouraged to ravenously devour fat)—and many …

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Running Reduces PTSD Symptoms

People who ran prior to therapy reported fewer symptoms compared to those who underwent therapy alone. The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Texas at Austin, is published in the April-June issue of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Runner’s World included the unpublished results from …

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Meditation and Yoga Can Reduce Symptoms of PTSD


Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for PTSD in the military

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Natural remedies for treating bipolar disorder


Everyday Tips for Living With Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar Disorder Treatment

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Schizophrenia Treatment and Self-Help

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6 Ways to Support Self-Care for Someone With Schizophrenia

As a caregiver, you can promote self-care and help prevent symptoms of schizophrenia from getting worse. Being a caregiver of someone who has schizophrenia often requires extra understanding and effort. But your support can help your loved one decrease the effects of …


Illuminating 13 Myths of Schizophrenia


How Exercise Works Like A Drug for ADHD

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Treating anxiety without medication

If you suffer from anxiety, the constant, nagging feelings of worry can be troubling and hard to control. These feelings are usually intense and out of proportion to the actual troubles and dangers in your everyday life. They can make …

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Feeling Anxious? 7 Natural Remedies for Anxiety That Work Really Fast


Herbal Treatment for anxiety: Is it effective?


Anxiety and stress weighing heavily at night? A new blanket might help

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How to cope with OCD


Five Daily Lifestyle Changes to Manage Intrusive Thoughts


How Can OCD Be Prevented by Diet?

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Tips for Living With OCD

Even when things are going well, OCD can hijack your day. Obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors — and the anxiety that comes with them — can take up massive amounts of time and energy. Though medication and therapy are the main ways to treat this lifelong condition, self-care …

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Ten Things You Need To Know To Overcome OCD

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How Nutritional Therapy Is Helping People Overcome Alcohol Addiction


Can exercise help conquer addiction?

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7 Ways Creativity Supports Addiction Recovery

Creativity can play an important role in addiction recovery. A novelist in recovery said he believed drinking made him a better writer. He followed in the footsteps of literary heroes who drank too much and justified their habit by saying alcohol or …


How can prescription drug addiction be treated?

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How Exercise Can Help You Beat Addiction

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Blurt It Out


The Benefits of Exercise for MDD


A Nutritional Guide to Managing Your MDD