Groups Trauma

Trauma Groups

You’re Not Alone

Help for Psychological Trauma

While some are able to cope with distressing events, trauma is experienced when your personal ability to cope is completely overwhelmed. When natural and human-generated events such as war, violence, crashes, accidents, abuse, and incidents leading to the loss of loved ones and irreplaceable belongings occur some need help to move forward.

Psychological trauma can affect your life even years after the event or situation that was the original root cause. The negative emotional and cognitive effects of trauma may seem impossible to overcome on your own, but we want you to know that you’re not alone. We also want you to know that there’s a way forward.

Learning to Cope in Community

Tackling Trauma Together

Though many individuals who suffer from trauma are aware of their problems, they have find it increasingly difficult to communicate their feelings to those around them and to begin coping on their own. Research shows that therapy within a group setting is just as effective, sometimes even more so, as individual care. These empowering spaces allow you the opportunity to receive and give feedback all while being encouraged by others stories.

Valley trauma groups are robust and interactive close-space care groups led by trained clinicians. They were designed specifically to provide you the community, accountability, and care you need to overcome the distress, pain, and dysfunction that comes from having lived through the most overwhelmingly threatening experiences.

The Benefits of Group Therapy

At Valley, we’re seeking to change the culture of group therapy. While individual counseling seems to be highly sought after, there are numerous benefits to group addiction therapy which you should consider:


Feelings of isolation often accompany those struggling with addiction. In a group therapy setting, participants realize they are not alone as others empathize with them and share their own stories of addiction.


Those who suffer from substance abuse disorders often have no one to talk to about their problems. In a group setting among their peers, they discover the freedom to share about their problem without judgment.


Discussion centered on common addiction issues within a group setting can provide new perspectives and insights as participants hear others convey their own stories of substance abuse and provide feedback.


It’s easy for those who abuse substances to be viewed as a burden on their support structures. Group therapy adds value to participants as vital members of a caring community seeking recovery together.  


Some of the most effective groups develop feelings of responsibility in each other’s progress and recovery. Accountability is often a result of the community, value, insight, and communication experienced together.

Getting Started

A Bright Future Starts at Valley Oaks

Walking through the doors of a center like Valley Oaks for the first can be tough. We work hard to make sure that your visit is easy, streamlined, and professional while still addressing your needs. The reality is that more folks are seeking help than you’d ever imagine, and for good reason. More than 80% of folks that seek help for common mental health ailments see significant improvement. Your journey to life’s peaks can start right now… and start right here… at Valley Oaks.