Our Mission, Vision, & Values
About Us Mission, Vision, and Values

A Missional Call

Valley Oaks Health’s objective is to provide high quality mental health services to the citizens of Carroll, White Fountain, Warren, Jasper, Newton, Montgomery, Benton, and Tippecanoe Counties. Valley Oaks is committed to the importance of mental health for the social, economic, and cultural well-being of those communities.

Our Diversity Mission Statement

Valley Oaks Health strives to create an inclusive environment for all who embark on this journey with us. Our number one priority is for everyone to feel emotionally and physically safe to be their true self.

Valley Oaks Health’s mission is to provide quality behavioral health and addictions care based on the needs of the communities we serve.

Further, Valley Oaks recognizes its role as an integral provider of mental health services that are consistent with the our mission, demonstrated community needs, and prudent utilization of available resources. All services provided shall be reasonably available and accessible to all citizens in the service area and shall be provided in an atmosphere where the rights of individual patients are acknowledged and respected.

Our Vision

We will support individuals in their recovery and increase their ability to successfully cope with life’s challenges. In doing so, we will provide accessible care, effective care, and efficient care.

Our Purpose

The clinical Plan for Professional Services and Staff Composition is fully operational. The plan lends direction to Valley Oaks’ resources. It shall be reviewed annually and revised in accordance with data accumulated from program evaluation, Quality Assurance, Utilization Review, need assessments, and consumer feedback.

Our Philosophy

The basic philosophy, beliefs, and assumptions are realized through Valley Oaks’ highly functional operation and practices.

Mental health is viewed as variable and diverse. Individuals experience health as a continuum of behaviors ranging from impairment and dysfunction to one’s optimal level of functioning. Good health is a fundamental need, and conditions that enhance the development of optimal functioning are a basic right of everyone.

Through this philosophy, Valley Oaks Health has the responsibility of providing high quality mental health services that offer opportunities for personal growth, learning, problem solving, and the enhancement of functioning for the communities, families, and individuals it serves. Further, Valley Oaks has the responsibility of fostering hope and confidence in the ability to conquer life stresses and enrich the quality of lives for consumers.

Our Function

Communities, families, and individuals are frequently confronted with situations that produce stress, loneliness, trauma and other conflicts. These conflicts may result in impairment and dysfunction. At those times, our communities, families, and individuals need resources to help repair and restore them to a previous and improved level of functioning, and to maintain their level of functioning.