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Children's Counseling

Office-Based vs School-Based

Valley Oaks Health offers many types of services for children and adolescents, including individual, family, and group office- and school-based therapy, case management, skills training, and psychiatric and psychological evaluations. Valley Oaks offers services within agency offices, area schools, the community, and within the home.

In order to allow children and families easier access to services, Valley Oaks offers therapeutic services in many area schools (contact your local office to see if school-based therapy is offered in your child’s school). The clinicians providing services are masters or doctoral level therapists. They are usually at the school one day every week or two weeks; times vary from location to location. The child and/or family can attend the sessions lasting 30 minutes to an hour. Depending on the nature of each child’s needs, the clinician may recommend office-based therapy in lieu of or in combination with school-based therapy.

Case Management

The case management program is designed to be an intensive treatment option for children and adolescents who are at risk or in crisis due to mental health related issues. The goal of case management is to stabilize or improve social and behavioral functioning in the school, community, and home environments. Treatment focuses on developing problem-solving and coping skills, utilizing appropriate conflict resolution, modeling parental intervention techniques for caregivers when relevant, and educating the family and others about mental health.

Who is Eligible for Case Management?

Any child or adolescent ages 0-17 years old who is having difficulty with social and behavioral functioning in the school or home environment due to mental health related issues may be eligible for case management. Individuals must be evaluated by a Valley Oaks clinician to determine eligibility before they can begin case management.

How Do I Make a Referral

Children and adolescents can be referred to services by medical providers, educators, representatives of the court system, or other community agencies. Self-referrals are also welcome; parents/guardians of prospective clients are welcome to contact their local office. Schools and community agencies must inform parents/guardians before submitting a referral.

Getting Started

To sign your child up for services, please contact your local office to make an appointment.


Can my child have therapy without case management or vice versa?
Yes; you are not required to have both therapy and case management services. If you are only interested in one but not the other, the referral process is the same. Just let your provider know which services you are interested in, and they will discuss the options available to you based on your child’s needs and the school s/he attends.

How will services help my child?
Therapy, case management, and medication can offer valuable options to you, your child and your family. The focus of services can be on coping skills, dealing with change or loss, anger management, conflict resolution, and overall emotion regulation/behavior management. Having home- and/or community-based services provides you and your child access to a professional when and where you are experiencing difficulties or crisis.

What does parent/guardian involvement look like?
As the parent/guardian, you are the most important person in your child’s life, and we need to hear your input on your child’s mental health needs. You are your child’s first and most important teacher and advocate. There needs to be open communication and collaboration between a child’s guides and their primary caregivers in order to see lasting progress with treatment.

What if therapy and case management are not enough?
If you think your child needs a higher level of care, please talk to their provider about specialty services they may qualify for through Valley Oaks or another facility.

When does the case manager visit the client’s home?
Valley Oaks Health does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, marital status, handicaps, sexual preference, or public assistance in the provision of quality health services to our community. The case manager can come to your home to help you and your child make an individual plan for treatment as well as schedule regular home visits to help families identify and implement strategies for improved functioning across all settings. During visits, case managers assist families in meeting objectives outlined in the treatment plan through skill building activities.

How does one pay for this service?
Therapy and case management services are covered by Medicaid and some private insurance companies. If you don’t have insurance, Valley Oaks has certified navigators who can help guide you through the Affordable Care Act’s website if you do not qualify for one of the Medicaid programs. We also have a sliding scale payment structure for those who qualify.

Getting Started

A Bright Future Starts at Valley Oaks

Walking through the doors of a center like Valley Oaks for the first can be tough. We work hard to make sure that your visit is easy, streamlined, and professional while still addressing your needs. The reality is that more folks are seeking help than you’d ever imagine, and for good reason. More than 80% of folks that seek help for common mental health ailments see significant improvement. Your journey to life’s peaks can start right now… and start right here… at Valley Oaks.