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Intensive Child & Adolescent Programs

Evidence shows that when a young person is experiencing serious mental health or behavioral challenges, a family-driven response can decrease high-risk behaviors and produce better outcomes. That’s why Valley Oaks Health offers two intensive programs for families seeking help: Wraparound and Intensive Case Management.


Wraparound is an evidence-based program that engages family, friends, and professionals in monthly meetings to create a plan for the child’s treatment. This program is available to Valley Oaks Health clients in Benton, Carroll, Fountain, Jasper, Montgomery, Newton, Tippecanoe, Warren, and White Counties.

Intensive Case Management

Intensive Case Management provides weekly access to trained professionals that help caregivers and children learn ways to manage behaviors and coach families on how to apply these skills in everyday situations. Intensive Case Management is currently offered in Tippecanoe County.

Youth must meet the following criteria to qualify:

  • Demonstrate a high level of need in the areas of anxiety, trauma, sexually maladaptive behaviors, conduct, or psychosis
  • At least two qualifying mental health diagnoses (ADHD or substance abuse cannot be the primary diagnosis)
  • Deemed safe to live in the community

Please Note: Additional criteria may apply.

Wraparound is made possible by the Children’s Mental Health Wraparound—a Medicaid-funded program—and the Children’s Mental Health Initiative—a state-funded program for youth without Medicaid. For more information or to make a referral, please contact your nearest Valley Oaks Health office.

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