10 Things You Can Do to Support Someone’s Recovery Journey

You may know someone fighting addiction while working through their recovery journey. You want to help, but you aren’t sure if you should. And if you did, where would you start? Here are ten things to help you support someone through their recovery journey. Being there You may not always be asked to help, and… Continue reading 10 Things You Can Do to Support Someone’s Recovery Journey

Starting Conversations About Burnout

It can be hard to talk about burnout. If you’re struggling, you may worry you’ll come off as a complainer. If you notice the signs of burnout in a coworker or loved one, you may worry they’ll think you’re criticizing their ability to juggle life’s challenges and demands. But isn’t your mental health and the… Continue reading Starting Conversations About Burnout

Drawing Boundaries at Work

Work seems to consume so much of our life. From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., you’re tuned into the needs of your boss and the responsibilities of your role. But what happens when those demands occupy your mind at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. or on Saturdays and holidays?  Setting clear boundaries at work will… Continue reading Drawing Boundaries at Work

Drawing Boundaries at Home

Finding a work-life balance doesn’t mean just drawing boundaries at work. Making your home a safe space that is free from stress can also help prevent burnout. Whether it’s a roommate, a partner, or a small army of children, the people you live with are important to you, so it’s just as important to draw… Continue reading Drawing Boundaries at Home

How to Love Someone with a Mental Illness

Watching someone you love suffer from mental illness can be a heartbreaking challenge. But there are many ways to mitigate their illness in your relationship while supporting them throughout their journey.  Here are just a few things to keep in mind when you love someone with a mental illness. Understand their illness Sometimes symptoms feel… Continue reading How to Love Someone with a Mental Illness

5 Ways Love is Good for Your Mental and Physical Health

Whether romantic or platonic, love has a positive effect on our mental and physical health. Spending time with loved ones and growing relationships can make you happier, less stressed, less anxious, and more self-aware. As an added bonus, these special bonds can even lengthen your lifespan.  Love makes you happy When spending time with a… Continue reading 5 Ways Love is Good for Your Mental and Physical Health

Coping with Family Conflict

Conflict is never pleasant, but tension between family members can feel particularly taxing. Being locked in the house together during Covid, spending more time around one another during the holidays, and sorting out familial or personal issues in a group setting are all fuel to the smoldering flames.  When you start to feel your emotions… Continue reading Coping with Family Conflict

Reaching Out to Loved Ones Who Self-Injure

Each year in the United States, around 2 million cases of self-injury are reported. However, this number is likely lower than the actual rate of self-injury because sufferers often keep their habit a secret. As a loved one, friend, partner, coworker, or trusted adult, you can become educated on self-injury and be prepared to have… Continue reading Reaching Out to Loved Ones Who Self-Injure

The Tough Conversations About Suicide

At Valley Oaks, we know it can be hard to talk about suicide. Mental health awareness has come a long way in recent years, but it can still be difficult to tell someone you’re concerned for them or hear about their struggle with suicide ideation. You don’t have to be a professional to engage in… Continue reading The Tough Conversations About Suicide

Meltdown or Mental Illness?

The “Terrible Twos.” This stage of behavioral development is called that for a reason, and it can be one of the first real parenting challenges. Toddlers dramatically fall to the ground and sob when naptime is announced. Sharing toys? Not going to happen.  Children learn to regulate their emotions—sadness, anger, disappointment, and even happiness—by experiencing… Continue reading Meltdown or Mental Illness?