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Bridges to Community Living

Bridges to Community Living helps individuals living with schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, or other psychiatric diagnoses integrate into daily life in their community. This service includes three program levels: hybrid, cluster, and clubhouse.

Hybrid Program

Our hybrid program provides a supervised group residence for people being discharged from state hospitals, those who have a high risk of being re-hospitalized, those at risk of being homeless, and those who have frequent run-ins with law enforcement. The goal is to teach skills necessary for independent living through intensive coaching and comprehensive support.

Hybrid Outpatient Program

The hybrid outpatient program provides the same services as our hybrid program through daily contact with service providers to clients living in their own homes.

Clubhouse Program

Clubhouse offers a fun, comfortable environment where people can build relationships with their peers while gaining access to resources like internet and e-mail, learning how to budget, helping prepare and serve meals, and developing healthy habits like proper nutrition and exercise.

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