5 Tips for Sustainable Self-Care

International Self-Care Day is around the corner, and Valley Oaks Health is proud to provide tips people can add to their daily routine to reduce stress and promote overall wellness. Here are a few we recommend.

Drink water

Adding a little H2O is an easy addition to your morning routine. Start your day right with a glass of water and drink more throughout the day. Water is an essential ingredient for all internal organ functions, including your skin, which can become vulnerable to disease and wrinkling when dehydrated. Water intake is vital to kidney function. The kidneys are responsible for filtering around 120-150 quarts of fluid every day.


Moving thoughts from your brain onto paper helps remove negative self-talk and worries from your mind. Writing also enables you to sort through thoughts and feelings in an unedited fashion. It’s a practice used every day that can help you organize and work through feelings while reaching toward greater potential.

Take yourself on a date

The relationships we develop with ourselves are just as meaningful as the ones we form with others. Take a few hours out of your week to do something you enjoy. Go for a walk, visit your favorite bakery or reach for a new book. If there’s a hobby or activity you’ve set aside for years or a new one you’ve wanted to try, get in touch with your inner child and release your creativity.

Keep a consistent sleep schedule

Sleep research results are conclusive: good, consistent sleep is essential to maintaining overall health and wellness. Choose a reasonable time to wake each morning and go to bed. Try not to vary more than one hour in either direction and tuck your phone away an hour before bedtime. Maintaining this routine can reduce insomnia and promote feelings of well-rested mornings.

Get moving

Many people dread formal exercise like lifting weights or running. Find another way to stay active and move that suits you. Find a local nature trail to hike and explore, take a dance class with friends, join a cycling club and make time for yourself while staying active.

Getting Started

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