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WLFI Promotes National Recovery Month and the Quick Response Team

During the month of September, Valley Oaks Health was happy to partner with Phoenix Paramedic Solutions and WLFI to promote National Recovery Month and highlight the impact our Quick Response Team has had in the Greater Lafayette community. 

In 2020, overdose deaths in Indiana rose by thirty-three percent. In Tippecanoe County, they rose by zero. The county’s ability to curb the opioid crisis is partly due to resources like the Quick Response Team, or QRT, which helps individuals, families, and communities find pathways to recovery and healing.

Our approach combines a peer network with support from the healthcare professionals at Phoenix Paramedic Solutions and certified mental health clinicians from Valley Oaks Health.
If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, QRT can provide the resources and support needed to reach recovery. Learn more today at

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