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Valley Oaks Expands Behavioral Health Services with $4M Grant

Valley Oaks Health has received a two-year, $4 million grant awarded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. This opportunity will be used to expand mental health and addiction resources in Tippecanoe County, provide more assistance for military families, and develop a 24/7 mobile crisis team.

The SAMHSA grant enables Valley Oaks Health to operate as a Certified Community Behavioral Health Center. With this designation, our programs will grow to include integrated health care for those living with mental illness and substance use disorder, assistance for veterans and military families, a mobile crisis team, and enhance our current assertive community treatment program for the severely mentally ill.

The impact of this expansion will be felt in Greater Lafayette for years to come. Communities with Certified Community Behavioral Health Centers often see decreases in overdose deaths, less emergency room visits associated with mental illness and substance use disorder, and a decline in suicide rates. Valley Oaks Health will be expanding our staff to include a program Director, program evaluator, therapists, case managers, a nurse practitioner, and an entitlement specialist. This dedicated team will work with community partners to ensure our target clients receive the comprehensive behavioral health services they deserve.

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