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Valley Oaks History

Valley Oaks Health was established as a Seventh-day Adventist institution in 1906 under the direction of Dr. John Harvey Kellogg. The facility rested on 25 acres of land along the Wabash River and was originally recorded as “Indiana Medical Missionary and Benevolent Association”.

In it’s beginning it was operated as a general hospital, specializing in hydrotherapy and dietary regimens. In the 20’s it operated a three-year nurses course. In the early 30’s the emphasis was on nervous disorders. It continued as an institution of the church until 1931, and at the time it was sold to Roy Kinzer, a local Adventist businessman.

In 1939 a non-profit corporation was formed to operate the “San”, and emphasis became “rest-cure”, and hospitalization was lengthy. In 1969, the facility merged and became the Mental Health Center for Tippecanoe County.


A Timeline of Achievements

  1. Seventh Day Adventist Church purchased the building and grounds from the old Levering Estate and opened a general hospital specializing in hydrotherapy and dietary regimens popular in that era.

  2. Mr. Roy Kinzer purchased the property. The hospital evolved into a sanitarium primarily for the care of geriatric patients and those with nervous disorders. The emphasis was on “rest cures”, lengthy stays, and the freedom from social responsibility.

  3. As more psychiatrically trained professional moved to Lafayette, the emphasis changed to an intensive treatment concept, a speedy recovery, and individual treatment programs.

  4. The corporate name changes to Wabash Valley Sanitarium-Hospital, Inc.

  5. Mr. Donald R. Kinzer succeeds his father as Administrator.

  6. Tippecanoe County Mental Health Center was organized as an Outpatient Clinic.

  7. The Outpatient Clinic became housed within Wabash Valley Hospital.

  8. The “Report of the Regional Mental Health Survey and Planning Committee, Region IV” recommends that the Tippecanoe County Mental Health Center and Wabash Valley  merge to form a new, comprehensive mental health center.

  9. The name Wabash Valley Hospital Mental Health Center, Inc. was adopted.

  10. The hospital became a Community Mental Health Center, was assigned to serve nine counties by the Indiana Department of Mental Health, and began expansion.

    New inpatient facility was officially opened.

    Seven additional branches opened.

  11. Delphi branch opened.

  12. Lafayette OP branch moved to 610 Main Street.

  13. Board approves name to change to Wabash Valley Hospital.

  14. Mr. Craig Lysinger becomes the third Administrator in the hospital’s 50 year history.

  15. Inaugural Valley Summit, Wabash Valley Alliance rebrands and Valley Oaks Health is launched.

Current Facts
  • Population Served: Over 400,000
  • Counties Served: 9+
  • Employees: +400
  • Lives Impacted: Countless